Château Guiraud – Sauternes 2019

Throughout its own history, Château Guiraud has shown INDEPENDENCE and charted its own path. The property’s PIONEER spirit leads it to create his own conservatory of grape varieties. In 1996, the team began a deep cultural revolution by engaging itself in the study of BIODIVERSITY. In 2011, Château Guiraud became the first 1st Great Growth in 1855 to receive Organic Farming certification.Today, the principles of permaculture carried out on the estate helps the quality of our 1st Great Growth.

V i n t a g e 2 0 1 9

Vineyard management: Château Guiraud got Organic Farming certification in early 2011 and has managed the vineyard using organic methods since 1996. 2019 is the 9th vintage to be certified as organic.

Terroir: Terroir: 80% sandy gravels, 20% clay gravels. Subsoil : deep translucent sand, pure gravels crossed by red clay and limestone marls, fossilized oyster beds and red and white clay.

Harvest : Manual picking only, by several sortings on botrytised berries. A minimum potential charge of 20% alcohol is required to start the harvest. Starting date : September, 9nd Ending date : October, 11th Number of pickings : 3

Vinification : Fermentation : in oak barrels 90% new – lasts 3 to 6 weeks – Ageing : in barrels for 18 to 24 months

Production : In average : 180000 bottles per year – In 2019 : 16000 bottles – Yield 2019 : 5.5 hl/ha

Service : Température : 9-10 °C – AOC : Sauternes – Vines area : 25 ha – Vine Density : 6600 Plants / ha – Average age of the vines : 30 years

Campaing for 2019 : Campaign for : « After a mild winter and a cooler spring than of the previous five years, rainfall became regular and was lightly above average. This allowed, from the start, a good implantation of Botrytis cinerea in sauvignon blanc’s and semillon’s berries that came from our conservatory. Fortunately, the two frost episodes were avoided on the entire 128 hectares of the property. The first buds were developed in moderate quantity from March 18th and we had observed the first flower on May 29th in optimal conditions. During the summer, the natural grassing over the vineyard made it possible not to suffer from drought. This year, we observed the convergence of technical and phenological maturity.

Botrytis cinerea has developed quickly on freshly mature berries preserving and amplifying the aromatic liveliness. The harvest ended earlier on October 11 due to a special weather. The quality of the vintage plays undeniably on the technicality of the harvest. Responsiveness and strategy allowed us to have very beautiful grapes. » Luc Planty

Tasting comment : The first juices express balance and complexity in where the concentration combines perfectly with an amazing liveliness. 2019 puts Human back in front of a nature that is severe and generous at the same time. » (February 2020)